SUNIT-Screens for F-Serial Computers


  • 7”, 10”, 12” and 19”
  • High-Bright LED Backlights
  • OSD (On-Screen-Display) Technology
  • Excellent Wide-Viewing Angles
  • Supports 3D Graphic
  • Touch Interface
  • Full Digital LCD TFT Screen
  • Loud Speakers
  • Auto-ambient Brightness control
  • Smart Powered HMI-Terminal
  • Dashboard / In-Dash Mounting 
  • ISO-16750 Standard
  • Conformal Coated electronics


Edge on SUNIT Screen-design is Safety 

The sizes and weights are optimized due to installation on Demanding Duties. Firm design, Auto-ambient luminosity, quick response time and wide viewing are keys for screen with quality HMI for commercial Duties. 

The smooth Casing-design, crack-resistant Screen surface, tough and elastic formatting are characteristics that always highlights our Displays. 

Light and firm design enables a selectable placements.

Screens have embedded MCU technology controlling the hardware-managements and therefore does not load the CPU capacity.

Multi-Screen Technology -  Singe-CPU with up-to 3 Stand-Alone Graphic Interface for HMI.

Connected to third-part Tablets & Computers via SUNIT LVDS-GEAR.


On request by our Clients, SUNIT have launched an HMI-Extender for connection fo SUNIT-Screen to Tablets as a Dual.HMI.

Extender provides Power, Graphics, Touch and Voice thru Display-Port or USB-3.0.

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OSD - On-Screen-Display

Sunit-OSD (On-Screen-Display) -technology opens new world for HMI-technology.

The OSD with Touch makes possible for Client-applications beside traditionally O/S technology.

Local-Area controls, like CAN-Communications and Sensor-interfaces are available by Soft-keys.

The Adjustments for Brightness, Contrast and Volume are now Screen-Individually.

SUNIT-OSD Screen technology means that the Screen have system for Dual-Touch and Dual-Display on each Screen. Screens are equipped by Programmable Processors which have communication with CPU-Telematics. 

OSD ttarts direct on Computer-start prior O/S is waken.