Welcome to Sunit Computers!

Welcome to Sunit Computers!

Sunit Computer technologies delivers unbeaten service-efficiency. It is Durable for Industry Lifespan demands.

Sunit-T Serial. Terminal computers.

All-in-one with CPU, Screen, GPS, 3G, CAN and much more.

Sunit-iVia. Telematics & IoT computer.

Purpose-designed Open Platform for Industry applications as Vehicle-Economy, Communication and Fleet Management 

Up-to 3 Standalone Displays, Up-to 4 separate video inputs, and of course the vehicle interface with Sunit-traditional Stand-alone Telematics-computer. GNSS with Automotive dead reckoning, 3.9G/4G with Dual-SIM, GB-Ethernet and Wi-Fi with Bluetooth are integrated for broadcast communications.

Compact 1-DIN Sized Sunit-F2 In-Vehicle computer family is tailored for Professional Fleets within Supply-Chain and Logistics as well as Mission Critical demanding round-the-clock use. The Tough design suits for service as well within challenging Off-Road as Heavy Terminal Machineries.

The GPS-Technology with Automotive Dead Reckoning (ADR) serves accurate positioning for Dual-Applications even when the vehicle is located under shielded area.

The Tough and Lightweight Screen-designs suits excellent for tight and agility demanding In-Cabin placements.

Of course, Sunit-F2 series is globally certified by Vehicle-authority for Road and Rail FIX-Mounted installations and is tested due to most demanding Vehicle industry Environmental standards.


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From Top of the World

From Top of the World

Inspired and Artful Tough Computer technology for demanding Industry and Fleets.



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Our products are designed in Finland and our deep experiences in demanding climates and tough environments in heavy industry have brought us to absolute ultimate strength in the business.


We demand ourselves deep knowledge of the Clients entrepreneur and we strive to bring the long-term technology to his ICT.


Industry appreciates high capacity utilization for achieving a strong economy and rather priorities tough and reliable technologies.

Since mid-80’s our people have always demanded themselves for excellent Client-relations offering business-driven High standard products and services for his daily work.


Core-focus within In-vehicle computing technology, designing and manufacturing of In-Vehicle electronics’ and Control Units, intense understanding of demands in On-Road and Off-Road environments has brought to us the skills of prime expertness within In-Vehicle Computing technology.

We serve worldwide purpose-tailored products according to Customer’s Business models and our Partners usually collaborates with close relationship with customers ERP-, Supply-Chain, Logistics- and/or Fleet-management information technology.

Our Customers are successful in their business and operates strongly within Around-the-daily –service and asks for Smart and Lasting technology.

Sunit In-Vehicle Computers are classified as Fixed-Mount device. Therefore our products are certified due to Vehicle Industry validated Regulations.

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