NEW! Sunit-F2 In-Vehicle Computer Serial is available!

NEW! Sunit-F2 In-Vehicle Computer Serial is available!

Sunit-F2 Serial

Advanced Fixed-Mount In-Vehicle Computer Technology for both On-Road and Off-Road is the most modern Product range on its category.

Up-to 3 Standalone Displays, Up-to 4 separate video inputs, and of course the vehicle interface with Sunit-traditional Stand-alone Telematics-computer. GNSS with Automotive dead reckoning, 3.9G/4G with Dual-SIM, GB-Ethernet and Wi-Fi with Bluetooth are integrated for broadcast communications.

Compact 1-DIN Sized Sunit-F2 In-Vehicle computer family is tailored for Professional Fleets within Supply-Chain and Logistics as well as Mission Critical demanding round-the-clock use. The Tough design suits for service as well within challenging Off-Road as Heavy Terminal Machineries.

The GPS-Technology with Automotive Dead Reckoning (ADR) serves accurate positioning for Dual-Applications even when the vehicle is located under shielded area.

The Tough and Lightweight Screen-designs suits excellent for tight and agility demanding In-Cabin placements.

Of course, Sunit-F2 series is globally certified by Vehicle-authority for Road and Rail FIX-Mounted installations and is tested due to most demanding Vehicle industry Environmental standards.


Click for Technical Data of Sunit-FD2

Click for Technical Data of Sunit-FC2

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NEW! Sunit-iVia In-Vehicle Telematic Server available!

NEW! Sunit-iVia In-Vehicle Telematic Server available!

Sunit-iVia Serial

Powerful Open Platform In-Vehicle Telematics Server for demanding Logistics and Transports.

Sunit-iVia is a powerful In-Vehicle Server for ITS-solutions in Fleet-Managements. It is purpose-designed for applications of Vehicle-Economy, Control of Build-In Vehicle Equipment's, Data Communication, and Fleet Management.

Sunit-iVia In-Vehicle Server is an excellent solution for Information management between Fleet and Back-office.

Sunit-iVia In-Vehicle Server — Open Platform enables ease upkeep of Your Applications.

Sunit-iVia is an excellent In-Vehicle server for Stream Logistics and Transports where the In-Vehicle Applications based on Win-CE / Linux Operative Systems.

Key Features

      Open CPU Server for In-Vehicle Applications

      Freescale i.MX355, 532MHz, ARM11

      GNSS + Dead Reckoning (VSS-sensor connect)

      3.9 G HSPA + Wireless Data 21Mbps DL

      3-Axis Accelerometer sensor

      Vehicle Interface with 2 x CAN-Bus, Analog & Digital-I/O’s, VSS-Interface, Vehicle Reverse

·         Back-Up Battery for Keep Power On in case of Abrupt Cut-Off the Power Supply

·         9…36VDC. Polarity & Overvoltage protected (ISO 7637 Vehicle Standard)

·         Lightweight, 333 gram.


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"It’s In-Vehicle" means Economy and Safe in Fleet-Business

"It’s In-Vehicle" means Economy and Safe in Fleet-Business

Since 1996

Inspired and Artful Fixed-Mount In-Vehicle Computer technology for demanding Supply-Chain and Transports.



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Core-focus within In-vehicle computing technology, designing and manufacturing of In-Vehicle electronics’ and Control Units, intense understanding of demands in On-Road and Off-Road environments has brought to us the skills of prime expertness within In-Vehicle Computing technology.

We serve worldwide purpose-tailored products according to Customer’s Business models and our Partners usually collaborates with close relationship with customers ERP-, Supply-Chain, Logistics- and/or Fleet-management information technology.

Our Customers are successful in their business and operates strongly within Around-the-daily –service and asks for Smart and Lasting technology.

Sunit In-Vehicle Computers are classified as Fixed-Mount device. Therefore our products are certified due to Vehicle Industry validated Regulations.

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