Fixed-mount In-Vehicle Computing technology is safe

Sunit Oy

In commercial vehicle fleet management, it is always about utilization of the vehicle-invested capital. 


Vehicle/Fixed-Mount Mobile Computer is designed with smooth and tough construction and high performance processing whereas the Power-utilization is optimized for efficient and vehicle monitored computing.

The Wireless networking technologies are integrated for safe In-Vehicle communication in all conditions.

The Satellite positioning technology have 3- dimensional ADR (Automotive Dead Reckoning) technology which warrants accuracy location in urban and weak GPS-connection areas.

The screens are weight-optimized in such a way that the dashboard is not strained for unnecessary faults. The Screen-connection technology enables the combination of multi-screen connections and therefore vehicles with Multi Screen demands have no need of additional CPU installations.

The Power-control of In-Vehicle computer is connected to the Vehicle utilizing and the manual control is indeed groundless. You can when-ever connect the computer for Streamline operations as Ordering and Reporting purposes. Just “knock-on” wirelessly and the computer raises for your service.

THE FIXED-MOUNT IN-VEHICLE COMPUTER IS SAFE. Number of working organizations creates a rulebooks for personnel that obliges them on best knowledge to ensure that the sensitive information is covered and not jeopardizing the loss of computers due to risk of removes. Fixed-Mount Computer is never removed and the information is safe and confident in the vehicle.

THE FIXED-MOUNT IN-VEHICLE COMPUTER IS SAFE. Increased traffic rhythm sets lot of challenges to the Professionals and the Computer technology shall not jeopardize the personal injuries in case of accidents. Therefore Fixed-Mount technology is not ruggedized, it is tough and smooth pursuant to Vehicle standards.

THE FIXED-MOUNT IN-VEHICLE COMPUTER IS SAFE. Vehicles and Traffic are precisely regulated and the road users are obligated to follow them faithfully. The supplier of technology and products are subjected to follow these regulations to support for your business. As a proof for this, the products are globally certified for In-Traffic use.


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