Sunit Oy will supply Traffic surveillance and ALPR systems for Police in Finland and Police-cab computing for Police in Denmark

Sunit Oy in Finland has been adopted to equip the Finnish police vehicles by In-Vehicle computers including Traffic surveillance applications as well as the ALPR systems. The agreement covers the entire fleet.

The systems include In-Vehicle Computers with peripheral devices, video cameras and applications.

Sunit also has in May this year signed a contract to equip the Danish police vehicle fleet with In-Vehicle computers which include police equipment intelligent control applications.

The market segment-oriented product and service portfolios have led Sunit Oy to one of Europe's most significant In-Vehicle computer systems supplier to Mission-critical vehicles. In particular the Intelligent vehicle -solutions, such as the blue-light control systems, divers camera-applications, the control applications of the vehicle workspace as well as communication and multi-display technology-related solutions enable the authorities in a growing range of field tasks to work in conditions of safety and quality.

Sunit Oy will continue globally to act purposeful in this market segment.

Sunit Oy is one of most significant supplier of the In-Vehicle computers in Europe within Mission Critical vehicles. Since 1998, a Mission Critical In-Vehicle computers have served authorities systems in addition to Finland and Denmark as well in Sweden, Norway, Austria, Poland, Germany, Switzerland, the Baltic countries, Kosovo, the Benelux countries, the Czech Republic, Hungary as well as Romania.

Sunit Oy In-Brief.

Sunit is dedicated to serve its Commercial customers with reliable and inventive state-of-the-art In-Vehicle computer technology and service for vehicles, machineries and outdoor. We focus on products that serve our customers' business quality and efficiency as well as cost savings. Our service offers to our customer’s Eco-Friendly business and environment-friendly technologies. The significant character of our products is their extremely long service life and Eco-friendly design.

The products are based on In-Vehicle fix-mounted product families, and our quality criteria base on the standards of automotive industry, as well as a.o.t. EU and UNECE-organization cowered certifications and legacies.

Our market are the authorities Mission-Critical vehicles and stations, heavy- and medium-duty road transport, rail transit, heavy-terminal and off-road machineries, agriculture, as well as public service vehicles.