SUNIT-FC Duo In-Vehicle Computer



Intel Core 2 Duo 2x1.5GHz processor. Proven and tough “workhorse” still going strong within In-Vehicle applications. FIX-Mounted Server for wide and challenging environments among On-Road and Off-Road.


Key features

-     Tough Smart-Tech CPU-Serve

-     Intel Core 2 Duo 2x 1,5 GHz

-     2x CAN-Bus

-     GPS / Dead Reckoning

-     3.5G Network

-     1 x PCI Express Video-Streaming with DMI-FDI integration

-     Dual Smart-Screen Technology

-     Sunit-TLink Vehicle-interface Application

-    2x CAN-Bus, Data-I/O’s, VSS– and Gearstick sense

-    Stereo-Lines, Audio-I/O with Wake-Up signal

-    Embedded Dual-Computing Unit for Vehicle-Interface


The FIX-Mounted Sunit-fD In-Vehicle Server is designed for wide and challenging environments among professional vehicle applications. The firm and light-weighted mechanics build on a geometrical designed cast aluminum technology. The purpose-designed electronic provides long life-time even for the harshest conditions.


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