Sunit FC2 In-Vehicle Computer

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Powerful Intel Low-Voltage 1.5GHz In-vehicle Computer with Dual-Computing technology for Client-applications when the Fleet-management, Logistics and Supply-Chain calls for Day-around service, especially superior on Push-Pull Supply chain logistics for On-Road, OFF-Road, Field and Rails.

Key Features

-     Tough Smart-Tech CPU-Server

-     Intel C927UE 1.5GHZ ULV-CPU, 5GT/s DMI Processor

-     Accurate AGPS + Automotive Dead Reckoning (ADR)

-     3.9 G HSPA / 4G optionally (European Frequencies)

-     1 x PCI Express Video-Streaming with DMI-FDI integration

-     Triple Smart-Screen Technology

-     Sunit-TLink Vehicle-interface Application

-     2x CAN-Bus, Data-I/O’s, VSS– and Gearstick sense

-     Stereo-Lines, Audio-I/O with Wake-Up signal

-     Embedded Dual-Computing Unit for Vehicle-Interface

Sunit-FC2 is especially superior on Push-Pull Supply chain logistics.
Sunit FIX-Mounted In-Vehicle Server for tough and challenging vehicle logistic. The firm and light-weighted mechanics build on a geometrical designed cast aluminium technology and the purpose-designed electronic warrants long life-time.
Dual-computing. Stand-Alone Vehicle-interface computing-unit provides the core insight vehicle information to your Fleet-management applications. CAN-Bus, sensors and data-I/O’s are ease-to-reach via Sunit-TLink to Client application.
On top, the G-sensor equipped GPS with vehicle gearstick and VSS sense provides the accuracy positioning.
High-speed Automotive Modem with Dual-SIM, Dual-stream Wi-Fi with Access-Point and Bluetooth 4.0 provides safe ICT -Communication to Back-office and V2x-applications. Gigabit LAN technology efforts the fastest possible In-Cabin Network.
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