In-Vehicle computers for professional use

What is an In-Vehicle Computer? The In-Vehicle PC is a high capability Windows / Linux Computer designed to survive the harsh vehicle environment by cooperating with the vehicle. All environmental aspects e.g. electrical noise, shock, vibration, temperature, humidity, range of light and voltages defined by the vehicle are carefully taken into account when designing the Vehicle Computer.

Dash-mounted  Vehicle Screens

Dash-mounted Vehicle Screens


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Vehicle Displays for Sunit-F Series


Ø  7”, 10”, 12” and 19”.

Ø  Smart Automotive Powered HMI-Terminal

Ø  Wide Viewing Angles on V & H directions

Ø  Supports 3D Graphic

Ø  Touch Interface

Ø  Full Digital LCD Screen

Ø  Digital graphic transfer technology

Ø  Loud Speakers

Ø  Dashboard / In-Dash Mounting

Ø  LED Technology        

Ø  Auto-ambient Brightness control

Ø  -40CO … +85CO 



Tough professional traffic asks for continuous service.

Sunit In-Dash mounted Vehicle Screens are designed with consideration of Traffic Safety and Das-board mechanism. The sizes and weights are optimized due to installation placements on Cars, VANs, Trucks and Machineries.  


Solid design, excellent Auto-ambient luminosity, quick response time and wide viewing are the Keys for In-Vehicle screen with quality HMI for commercial traffic.

Moreover 10 years Field-service time delivers excellent economy and provides the vehicle in-traffic time constant and unbroken.

Sunit-F Digital Displays for any kind of vehicles.

The smooth Casing-design, crack-resistant Screen surface, tough and elastic formatting are characteristics that always highlights our Displays. Light and firm design enables a selectable placements in the vehicle cabin.

Our smart Multi-Screen Technology is cost effective solution where just one Computer supports up-to 3 Screens, connected parallel or serial and with Stand-alone graphics. 

Sunit Vehicle Displays meets Vehicle Industry ISO-16750 and UNECE Quality-Standards and are E-Certified. 


Computer-technology for Tough Works

Computer-technology for Tough Works

for Demanding Industry and Transports

Since 1996

Tough work Calls for reliability. Here in North Finland we have the best natural environments for design, create and produce the critical electronics for Tough-workers.


Our engineers have since mid-80’s served one of the most challenging business-area, namely foresting industry.  It was clear already at beginning that the trustful electronics is absolute required to create in our control. Our experience have brought us in absolute front of Computer-technologies in demanding works.

Quality is integral part of us. Our Clients are successful in his Entrepreneur and there is no doubt of expectations for the highest quality in all circumstances. The average life-time of ICT-system is mainly 10 years in Logistics and Supply Chain Industry. 

We demand our products perfectly durable service to our clients ICT-investment in all tough environments.


Small I-DIN sized computer with integrated Communication devices, GPS/GNS/AGPS technology, Vehicle interface features and powerful processor technology shall not take in advance more space than it shall be possible to place wherever.



Sunit In-Vehicle Computers serve widely Industry. It is obvious that the Operational purposes are varied and the Computer technology shall response to Long-term purposes.

Open Compute technology shall efficiently support the growing demands on computer infrastructure and serve any kind of application for long-term investments 

The Power-Ignition Control with Intelligent Power-consumption Control due to Vehicle State ensures the reliability of Vehicle Power-supply.

In case of Low-voltage on Vehicle Power-source, the Intelligent Power-Moding proactively starts various Power-saving states and in case the Vehicle-voltage drops below specified level the Computer initiates a Management of Controlled Shut-down Process.

The Integrated High-Speed Satellite positioning technology utilizes a Tri-dimensional Automotive Dead Reckoning, ADR-technology.

For accurate positioning in urban areas, cowered spaces or wherever the Satellite Connection is weak, Tri-ADR is a must. 

Purpose Tailored  Technolgy for Lifetime use

Purpose Tailored Technolgy for Lifetime use

On-Road, Off-Road, Railways, Terminals, Air and Wessels. Sunit Fixed-Mount Computer technology is always Purpose tailored. 

Since 1996


Each and every Fleet, On-Road or Off-road, have purposed service for efficiency and duty. Therefore our products are tailored and customized.

Sunit In-Vehicle Computing technology takes in advance the most demanding characteristics utilizing them for every clients. Product-designs are 100% Sunit – Following the toughest standards.



Despite the usually life-time for ERP, Supply-Chain and logistic systems are in average 10 years, the reality is that Modern systems are object for Upgrades and Developments due to increased demands of Efficiency and Economy. These facts are the Key-words for our Product characters and builds on Open Platform technology including the most of required technology for Vehicle and User Interfaces, Communication and Navigation. Hence the In-Vehicle Computer offers modern and continuity for Fleet-business in Long-term standing in front of future demands with effective economy. 

See some of our QA/QC Test processes in Video.

Our Electronic is cowered by Conformal Coating, see Video.



More than 20 years of experience has brought us skills within our customer-businesses.

Therefore we trust to serve our customers with purpose designed In-Vehicle related Software’s and Applications for vehicle utilizations.

These are, a.o.t. Vehicle Interface Application “Sunit T-LINK”, Purposed video applications as Reversing Camera, Surveillance and ANPR and Applications for vehicle-equipment’s as Blue-Lights.