Sunit T-LINK Vehicle Interface

Sunit T-LINK

Sunit In-Vehicle Computers offers the Open platform for the Fleet-Management, and combined with Sunit tailored Vehicle-applications there is offered the significant In-Vehicle computing technology for in-field service.

Sunit T-LINK is the “Engine” and the purpose is control the Hardware safety issues, Vehicle Interface performance, Power-Moding and Standalone communications. It serves the Information between Vehicle related I/O’s and User Application via purpose-build DLL’s as a shared data.

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Sunit Rear-View

Sunit Rear-View Application is implemented on Sunit In-Vehicle Computers. The Application is suitable for all commercial Rear-view cameras. The Application is connected toward Reverse-Signal on Gear-stick and when vehicle is reversing, the Imaging takes place as a Pop-Up on Screen.

The application have option for 2 separate Reverse camera inputs.

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Sunit Video24 Traffic Control

Driving speed Surveillance camera software Sunit Video 24 for Police use to PAL and NTSC cameras.

The Application can use simultaneously two Traffic plus In-Cabin cameras. Suits for Cameras connected to Sunit In-Vehicle Computers. The operation is upon Touch screen and Hand-held remote control unit.

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