Purpose Tailored Technolgy for Lifetime use

On-Road, Off-Road, Railways, Terminals, Air and Wessels. Sunit Fixed-Mount Computer technology is always Purpose tailored. 

Since 1996


Each and every Fleet, On-Road or Off-road, have purposed service for efficiency and duty. Therefore our products are tailored and customized.

Sunit In-Vehicle Computing technology takes in advance the most demanding characteristics utilizing them for every clients. Product-designs are 100% Sunit – Following the toughest standards.



Despite the usually life-time for ERP, Supply-Chain and logistic systems are in average 10 years, the reality is that Modern systems are object for Upgrades and Developments due to increased demands of Efficiency and Economy. These facts are the Key-words for our Product characters and builds on Open Platform technology including the most of required technology for Vehicle and User Interfaces, Communication and Navigation. Hence the In-Vehicle Computer offers modern and continuity for Fleet-business in Long-term standing in front of future demands with effective economy. 

See some of our QA/QC Test processes in Video.

Our Electronic is cowered by Conformal Coating, see Video.

In-Service Transports - Supply Chain & Logistics

Sunit In-vehicle computers serves demanding day-around Heavy Duty and In-Service vehicles with extremely low maintenance cost in arctic conditions, as well as a very hot city-areas year after year.

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Mission Critical - In Mission - In service


It is always about Life. Mission Critical Service saves Life. As well the Crew-safety is substantially. The new generation Mission Critical vehicle acts on field increasingly as a third party, an Intelligent Vehicle.

Download our Brochure about Sunit within Mission Critical: Click here!

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Machinery, Mining and Construction Equipments

For people in Sunit the “fluid of birth” is a mixture of Hydraulic oil, Diesel, Snowy-water blended with pollen and wood pitch. Off-road is our Origin since back to Eighteens.

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Passanger Information Computers

Sunit Passanger Information System has been developed specially for public transportation vehicles as Taxis and limousines. System suits extremely well for real time passanger advertizing and informing use. In addition of GPS positioning, system has passanger reconizing and GPRS data transfer features.

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Taxi Computers

All in one - New Generation Sunit e-Taxi System 
Sunit Taximeter integrates the traditional separate taximeter into the Car-PC having their features, benefits and safety offering at the same time an open platform for the taxi dispatching system software within uniform hardware. Sunit Taximeter system combines the traditional Taximeter features and the Open Windows based dispatching system.

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In-Vehicle Multimedia

The new millennium with the introduction of Multimedia Competition
Sunit CAR PC is a unique Mobile Office and Multimedia Solution. Mobile office applications bridge the gap between valuable knowledge workers, who are constantly on the go, and the company information they need to do their jobs effectively.

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