Who use Sunit In-Vehicle Computers? Sunit vehicle computers suit excellently to all purpose of use in different kind of vehicle on the road, off the road, on the railroad, on the water and in the air. The Sunit vehicle computers are versatile tools, that are purpose built to harsh and variable environment in the vehicles like:

Public safety

Public transport

Transport and OEM

Working machines

Some of our clients from different segments

Public Safety:

  • Fire & rescue departments, Finland, Sweden, Norway
  • Regional police forces, Germany
  • Criminal Police Stockholm, Sweden
  • Västerås Police, Sweden
  • multiple dutch Regional Police forces, Netherlands
  • Customs vehicles, Finland
  • Tullverket´s vehicles, Sweden
  • Coast guard vessels, Finland
  • Navigation Administration, Finland
  • Ambulances,Finland, Sweden, Norway

Public Transportation:

  • Regional Taxis Finland
  • Service buses, England
  • Buses, Norway

Security Transportation:

  • Falck, Finland
  • Postal Service, Switzerland

Fuel Transport Logistics:

  • Fortum Oil, Finland
  • Esso, Finland
  • Teboil, Finland
  • Shell, Finland
  • Breem, Swerige

Gas Transport logistics:

  • Tehokaasu, Finland
  • Innogas, Finland

Timber Logging and Transport Logistics:

  • UPM-Kymmene Metsä, Finland
  • Stora Enso Oyj, Finland
  • Metsäliitto, Finland
  • Metsähallitus, Finland
  • SCA, Sweden
  • Skog Åkarna, Sweden
  • Holmen Skog, Sweden
  • Väst AB, Sweden
  • VSV, Sweden
  • Jämtfrakt, Sweden

Forest Machines:

  • Komatsu Forest, Finland
  • Logset, Finland
  • Logman, Finland
  • Sampo Rosenlew, Finland
  • Timberjack, Finland
  • Ponsse, Finland

Warehouse Logistics:

  • Olvi, Finland
  • Valio, Finland
  • Kesped, Finland
  • SKS tekniikka, Finland
  • GNT, Finland
  • UPM Seikun saha, Finland
  • Stora Enso timber, Finland

Harbor Logistics:

  • Container Position Information System™, closer:
  • Hacklin Oy, Finland
  • Port of Turku, Finland
  • Port of Oulu, Finland

Waste Recycling Logistics:

  • Ekokem, Finland
  • IL-Recycling, Sweden
  • Telindus, Holland
  • Sita Sweden Oy
  • Sita Finland Oy
  • SOL ympäristöpalvelut, Finland
  • L&T Oyj, Finland
  • Experant Oy, Finland
  • Lokapalvelu Eerola Oy, Finland
  • Pirkanmaan jätehuolto, Finland
  • Jäte Ässät, Finland
  • Ivarem project Belgium

Goods Transportation Logistics:

  • Tyvi Oy, Finland
  • Trans-Aarnio Oy, Finland
  • Kotkan kuljetus, Finland

Animal Transportation Logictics:

  • A-Tuottajat, Finland
  • LSO Foods, Finland

Road Maintenance Services:

  • Tieliikelaitos, Finland

Vehicle Transportation Logictics:

  • SE-Mäkinen, Finland

Mining Machinery:

  • Avesta Polarit, Finland

Earth Movers:

  • Lohja Rudus, Finland

Navigation, Pilot Vessels:

  • Merenkulkuhallitus, Finland

Baling Machines:

  • Junttan Oy, Finland