SUNIT-FMD - Quad-Core i7 4x3.0GHz Eagle-Class Computer


  • 7th Generation Wide-tmp Intel Core i7 (7820EQ Kay Lake H) 4 x 3.0 GHz Quad-Core CPU

  • Intel HD Tri-graphic with Smart Tri-Screen Tech

  • Tough Smart-Tech CPU-Server

  • Accurate AGPS + Automotive Dead Reckoning (ADR)

  • 4G LTE

  • 2 x CAN, Digital and Analog I/O’s, Frequency-I/O

  • Stereo-Lines, Audio & Mic -lines

  • Tri-Screen connectors

  • Dual-Band Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.2 / BLE

  • 72-Channel GNNS & ADR

  • 3D Gyro

  • For Vehicles; Gearshift sense, FMS-Protocol

  • Embedded Dual-Computing for Data-I/O Interface

  • Intelligent Power-Moding due to IGN-Key

  • Watch-Dock of Core-Power Status


"Eagle-Tele" - for High-Graphic Applications

New 7th Gen. Intel Kaby Lake H Quad Core Processor family with the most powerful processor capacity, graphic, storing and I/O technologies and first of all without a rival the Life-Like Imaging and Audio technology; 

Capacity-sense Speeding of processor, we can proudly note that our technology for optimizing the Client-Application effort is in absolute  top-class.

SUNIT-FMC unites Efficiency, Sharpness, Precision and Alertness in a compact package. It is mountable for versatile purposes and serves certainly Applications.  

SUNIT-FMC for demanding Applications as Mission-critical, Heavy-duty as well as On-  Off-Road and Industry. It is compliant with Industry Standard ISO-16750 (2, 3, 4,5) and is E-Certified.

Stand-Alone Tri-graphic technology with Intel HD Iris and Iris Pro smart Processor technology  with HD Audio, the Image quality is as life-like as possible.

Dual-computing for IoT. Integrated, Stand-Alone Telematics computer for CAN-Bus, sensors and data-I/O’s are ease-to-reach via Sunit-TLINK to Client application. 

On top, the G-sensor equipped GPS with ADR ensures the accuracy positioning.

EAGLE-IRIS, for Demanding Duties. They ask progressively solutions and Intelligent applications where the role of computer demands as a trusted server is obvious. ANPR, Traffic Surveillance, Videoing, Blue-Lights, Speed-measuring's, Duty-Applications and Vehicle monitoring in generally shall run by compact Hardware.

Sunit Wide-view digital Touch-screen technology delivers safe and reliable for versatile HMI.

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Flexible Screen-technologies

Firm design, Auto-ambient luminosity, quick response time and wide viewing are keys for screen-HMI on commercial Duties.

Smooth Casing-design, crack-resistant surface, tough and elastic formatting are characteristics that always highlights our Screens. Light and firm design enables a selectable placements.

Multi-Screen Technology - Singe-CPU with up-to 3 Stand-Alone HMI is efficient and cost-effective solution for installations with Multiple Users. 

In addition, selecting of Serial-connection of several Screens, admits multi-users of equal information

OSD - OnScreenDisplay – Dual On-Touch

OSD (On-Screen-Display) -technology opens new world for the HMI-technology.

It is not necessary use O/S for all Touch-Functions, they are available "Direct-on-Sofkey". 

The OSD with Touch opens new possibilities for Client-applications outside traditionally Screen technology.

Loca-Area Controls. like CAN-communications, Sencors-Interfaces. are available by Soft keys.

The Screen Adjustments for Brightness, Contrast and Volume are now Screen-Individually.