SUNIT-FQA - Fanless Low-energy Intel Atom BayTrail Computer


  • Wide-temperature Intel Atom 64-bit E3845, 4x1.9GHz Quad-Core Processor

  • Intel Full-HD Dual-Graphics

  • Tough Smart-Tech CPU-Server

  • Accurate AGPS + Dead Reckoning (VSS-sensor connect)

  • 4G / LTE

  • Wi-Fi & Blutetooth

  • 1 x Video

  • GB Ethernet

  • CAN-Bus, Digital and Analog I/O’s, Frequency–I/O

  • Stereo-Lines & Mic with Wake-Up signal. 

  • Screen-Audio

  • For Vehicles; Gearshift sense, FMS-Protocol

  • Embedded Dual-Computing for Data-I/O Interface

  • Intelligent Power-Moding due to Core-power Status


SUNIT-FQA - Fanless Energy-efficient Quad-Core Computer for Fleets and Industry

Tough and light-weighted mechanics build on a geometrical cast aluminium technology and the purpose-designed conformal coated electronics ensures our well-known long In-Service time even under harshest conditions.

Sunit-FQA delivers performance-computing in wide range of Tough-environments and Wide-Temperature conditions.

Dual-computing. Stand-Alone Interface computing-unit serves core insight IoT-Data. CAN-Bus, sensors and data-I/O’s are ease-to-reach via Sunit-TLINK to Client application.

Automotive Dead Reckoning (ADR)  with Super-sense GPS ensures the most accurate positioning.

High-speed Modem, Dual-mode Wi-Fi with Access-Point and Bluetooth 4.2 BLE serves safe Communication. Gigabit Ethernet efforts rapid Network.

Sunit-FQA unites our long In-Field service time with affordable High standard Computing technology.

Sunit-FQA unites long In-Field service time with affordable High standard Computing technology complying with Industry ISO-16750 (2, 3, 4, 5) Electronics-Standard and is E-Certified.

Sunit Wide-view digital Touch-screen technology delivers safe and reliable Monitor for versatile HMI.

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Accurate Positioning - Strong Housekeeping

Terminal-Logistics, Forest-Harvesting, Waste-Transports. 

Some of Entrepreneurs where the Positioning claims "rather a meter than two".

When we talk about the accuracy of the GPS-positioning there is some facts to be understand, especially when the Duty is rolling on poor Satellite-signals. Narrow streets, high-houses, tunnels and other distractions causes that the GPS-satellites does not reach all-time or it is highly disordered due to mirror-signals.

For metering the distance under all conditions with accurate positioning requires that a meter is always a meter. Single GPS-Signal is never accurate. The accuracy of metering claims 3D-positioning and ADR.

What is different - Calculated and Real Distance?

Calculated distance base on Time and Position. You receive by time interval several 3-dimensionel signals and calculate theoretically the position. When you are moving, the distance is measured by Straight-line distance between 2 positions. By using Time-parameter the Average-speed between 2 positions is calculated.

Real Distance base on core from Wheels having interval of max. 10cm. When Wheel is still, the positioning is absolute silent. The Wheel-Speed base on Time-frequency of pulses giving exact Instantaneous speed.

What is ADR (Automotive Dead Reckoning) technology?

As a Back-up for aborts, the positioning shall have Dead-reckoning included. It means that the Computer itself shall be able to “play” as a Satellite when GPS-signal aborted. Dead-reckoning means that the computer hardware technology supports the Client-application with GPS-data likewise it is connected to satellites.

But, Dead-reckoning is not all. For warranted accuracy in long-time aborts, Automotive Dead-reckoning (ADR) ensures exact Positioning. 

Keep-on-Tracking – Where-ever it takes!

ADR means that the computer understand all abort-conditions what might be faced and keeps the positioning exact “rather a meter than two”.