SUNIT-iVia IoT Client-Terminal

Sunit-iVia IoT Server is build for Open-Architecture Applications.

It serves Core-sensors, CAN, Cloud and Local communications.

Sunit-iVia is purpose-designed for Applications of Demanding Duties within Industry, Fleet and Machinery. 

3,75G Penta-Band modem with access to GSM, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS and HSPA networks. For the Operator purpose there is Dual SIM-Card slot.

LAN is 10/100BASE-TX, and Wi-Fi IEEE802.11b/g/n.

The IoT-Interface have 2 x CAN-Bus compliant to SAE J2284 High-Speed CAN / SAE J1939, ISO 11783 and NMEA 2000 Standard Data Bus Interfaces.

Sensor-Interface contains 7 x Digital-In, 4 x Digital-Out, 4 x Analog-In for 9 … 36V powered systems. 

For serial communication there is RS232 and USB 2.0 interfaces.

Sunit-iVia improves the service-grade by an accurate 3D Accelerometer sensor for impacts and vibrations.

Sunit-iVia Satellite positioning is Multi-GNSS compliant 32-channel satellite receiver (GPS/Galileo and Glonass).

Sunit Vide-viewing digital Touch-screen SUNIT-I serial delivers safe and reliable Monitor for versatile HMI.

An Open Architecture (OA) Server can be easily updated and adapted to the future needs, it is trusted and desired.

An Open Architecture makes both maintenance and service development and deployment easier, so the Life-cost of a modern Application is decreased. 

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Open Architecture Computing

Sunit Computers serve in tough conditions for Demanding Duties.

It is obvious that the Operational purposes are varied and the Computer technology shall response for purpose of Duty.

Open Architecture Computer (OAC) -technology make sure that any kind of applications are powered optimally and the Life-time of Information system is warranted.

An open Computer Architecture can be easily updated and adapted to the future needs, it is trusted and desired.

An open Architecture allows operators and software developers use the same platform for all fleet vehicle-types.

An open Architects makes both maintenance and service, development and deployment easier, and hence the cost of modernizing of ICT-System is reduced.