SUNIT-T. All-in-One Panel-PC with Touch-Interface


  • Powerful Freescale i.MX537 Quick-start Core-MCU with Smart-speed technology

  • 1GB DDR3 @ 800MB/s

  • 512MB NAND, expansion SD-Card Slot

  • Supports 3D Graphic

  • Touch Interface

  • Full Digital LCD Screen

  • Intelligent Power-moding

  • 72-Channel GPS / GLONASS

  • Integrated 3.9G

  • Loud Speakers

  • Wide Temperature

  • SIM-Slot

  • 7” WVGA, 10” XGA


SUNIT-T Panel-PC for Industry, Fleets & Field

SUNIT-T All-in-One Panel-PC for Industry and Fleet Applications.

SUNIT-T with Wide-View technology is ideal HMI-Monitor for Environments with tough working demands.

Graphics-Accelerator and sharp TFT-LCD Display with Auto-Ambient controlled LED-Backlight offers user-friendly Screen-interface.

Powerful Ultra Low-Voltage processor with Smart-speed technology offers optimized Processor capacity for all Applications

Light Weight combined with Tough casing offers installations in all Demanding Duties.

Purpose-designed and conformal coated electronics ensures our well-known long In-Service time even under harshest conditions.

Integrated SIM-Slot with 3G Modem and 72-channel GNNS offers excellent support for LBS-Applications.

3-axis Accelerometer, High-Speed CAN and Digital I/O’s offers expansions for IoT-Applications.

2 x Speakers offers excellent Audio features.

Sunit-T is compliant with Industry Standard ISO-16750 (2, 3, 4, 5) and is E-Certified.


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Product of Finland – Long In-Field Lifetime in Edge

Sunit Computer Technologies is designed 100% by Sunit in Finland.

Electronics that claims for long In-Field Lifetime in harsh-workings, requires that it is designed by working conditions in edge. 

The Environmental conditions in Finland is excellent base to evaluate and test products. Sometimes we have minus 45 Celsius, sometime heat up-to plus 35.

Our customers are in absolute front of efficient-thinking and are not afraid to call us for participate on their working environments.

Excellent base for QA/QC.