Privacy statement

Sunit respects the privacy of individuals and does not collect or manage any personal data unless it has been provided to us voluntarily by the individual concerned. Please inform us if you do not want personal data of yours to be collected.

Sunit complies with national data protection laws that control the use and the collection of personal data. Your name, e-mail address and postal address may be given to third parties in order for us to process your orders and fulfil your requests. Such data will otherwise only be used to follow up sales and product development.

The only information that we collect and store automatically during normal website usage is typical web server log data. Such data is not telling us who you are or revealing any other information of a personal nature. We may use web server log data to generate statistics and measure site activity for the benefit of users. We may share it with third parties for analysis, or in or­der for us to be able to provide and improve this site and our services here.

Unless stated above, no personal or other data is shared with third parties.


When you view this site we may store some information on your computer in the form of a "cookie", which allows us to tailor our website to better match your interests and preferences.

A cookie is a small text file which the site you are visiting saves on your computer. Cookies are used by many web sites to give visitors access to various functions. The information contained in the cookie can be used to monitor a user’s surfing behaviour.

There are two types of cookies. The first saves a file for an extended period on your computer and is used, for example, with functions which describe what information is new since you last visited the particular site. The second type is known as a ’session cookie’. This is stored temporarily in your computer’s memory while your are visiting the site and surfing a page, and is used, for example, to determine what language you have chosen. Session cookies are not stored in your computer for an extended period, but are deleted when you close your browser.

Among other things, Sunit uses cookies to record visitor statistics and to enable the user to select a language option on our site.

You can set your computer to block cookies. However, this means that we cannot guarantee that all areas of our web site will function as intended. The procedure for blocking cookies will depend on what browser you are using. Access ’Help’ or the appropriate menu in your browser for instructions.

Sunit may at any time revise the terms of this Privacy Statement by updating it.