Wide range Accessories and Side-components for Industry & Fleets.

All Accessories and Side-parts are compliant with UNECE R10 regulation and designed due to Industry Electronic standard ISO-16750.

All SUNIT Products are RoHS-Compliant CE-Markt and UNECE-R10 Certified.

Self-Powered PoE-Extender 

for Industry, Fleets and Infra

SUNIT GateGear PoE+ -Extender is a Industrial Gigabit PoE+ Injector with high-value components rated for extreme industrial environments.

It supports Power over Ethernet for a PoE, PoE+, or high power PoE+ devices.

Dual-wiring 9 … 36V power inputs with current protections support up-to 120W Down streams.

LED-Signals for each Streams indicates an Application status individually for each Ethernet-lines.

Applicable on Fleets, Industry and Infra-structure. 

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Self-Powered USB-HUB's

Long-lasting, Self-Powered USB-Hub’s supporting High-power Downstream ports and are Over-Current, Polarity and Short-Circuit protected.

The Box have Bottom-plate with Cable-Locking clamps for safe connections even on vibration-circumstances.

Conformal-coated Electronics and PC/ABS -casing with V0+UV resistances makes safe and reliable product in harshest environments.

Allows use of high power consumption devices with 0.9 … 1.5A Downstream powering's. Connectors are lockable for reliable data-connections.

SUNIT USB-HUB’s are compatible with Windows XP / 7 / 10 and Linux.

122 x 138 x 25 mm (W x L x H)                     Casing: PC/ABS - C2950 V0+UV                  Conformal-Coated Electronics


USB2.0-HUB for Harsh use. Total Current Downstream 2.5A

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SUNIT USB3-HUB for Harsh Environments

USB-3.0 HUB for Harsh use. Total Current Downstream  5A

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Keyboards and Keypads for Harsh Conditions

Lighted, Sealed and handy Keyboards and Keypad’s for challenging environments where typical office grade peripherals will not survive.

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Splitters, Converters for Multi-Graphics

SUNIT Graphic-splitter

Need to present HMI on several places?

Sunit Graphic-Splitterdivides Screen for up-to 12m distance.

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IR-CAMERA for In-Door use

Sunit-IC LED-IR Camera for Photography by Low-Powered IR.

ON/OFF in accordance of Photographying..

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Screen Covers

Waterproof Sunlight & Impact Cower for SUNIT 7" Wide-Screen

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 Sunlight & Impact cover for SUNIT 10" Screen. Ease to mount & Removable.

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Antennas & Accessories

SUNIT GPS-4G Antenna

EMC/Emission Shielded. Excellent connections. Compact Design.

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SUNIT Shock-absorber for Electronics Control-Unit

Rubber Shock Absorber for ECU.s on vibrating environments.

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