Sunit Flex-Series Computers

Atom Based Units offers compact solutions for low-end applications and Bluelight or Tetra controlling via set of outputs.

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Tailored Computing Solutions
Efficient performance in a compact design are well-known features of our products.
Each Entrepreneur is unique. We serve with Client-adapted Products and Solutions.
To success in this, Sunit technology is designed to be modular and highly modifiable to meet the needs of a customer.
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Sunit FD2
• Wide-temperature 3rd Generation Intel IVY-Bridge Core i7 2 x 2,5 GHz Turbo-Advanced Dual-Core Processor
• Intel HD Tri-graphic with Smart Tri-Screen Technology
• Tough Smart-Tech CPU-Server
• Accurate AGPS + Automotive Dead Reckoning (ADR)
• 3.9 G HSPA / 4G / LTE
• 4 x Stand-alone Video-Streaming with DMI-FDI integration
• 2 x CAN-Bus, Digital and Analog I/O’s, Frequency-I/O 
• Stereo-Lines
• For Vehicles; Gearshift sense, FMS-Protocol
• Embedded Dual-Computing Unit for Data-I/O Interface
• Intelligent Power-Moding due to Core-power Status an Level
• Internal Non-Explosive NiMh Back-Up Battery for Abrupt Power-Interrupts controlling Power-Shut Downs.
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