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Tailored computing technology for Client-Entrepreneur
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Tailored computing technology for Client-Entrepreneur.
We aim always that our Clients are successfully in their Business and stipulates High standards for his daily service. 

We demand ourselves deep knowledge of the Clients entrepreneur and we strive to bring the long-term technology into his ICT. For us it is important that our Client can focus to develop his entrepreneurial throughout the ICT-system lifetime, so that additional technical investments are limited wherever possible. 

Core focus on design and supply of Computer-technology with intensive insight into the demands of Industry and Fleet environments has brought us skilled expertise of technology. 

Therefore we offer long-lasting products with Open Architecture Computing (OAC).
Open Architecture Computing
Sunit Computers serve in tough conditions for Demanding Duties. 
It is obvious that the Operational purposes are varied and the Computer technology shall response for purpose of Duty. 
Open Architecture Computer (OAC) -technology make sure that any kind of applications are powered optimally and the Life-time of Information system is warranted. 
An open Computer Architecture can be easily updated and adapted to the future needs, it is trusted and desired. 
An open Architecture allows operators and software developers use the same platform for all fleet vehicle-types. 
An open Architecture makes both maintenance and service, development and deployment easier, and hence the cost of modernizing of ICT-System is reduced.
Flexible Screen-technologies
Firm design, Auto-ambient luminosity, quick response time and wide viewing are keys for screen-HMI on commercial Duties. 

Smooth Casing-design, crack-resistant surface, tough and elastic formatting are characteristics that always highlights our Screens. Light and firm design enables a selectable placements. 

Multi-Screen Technology - Singe-CPU with up-to 3 Stand-Alone HMI is efficient and cost-effective solution for installations with Multiple Users. 
In addition, selecting of Serial-connection of several Screens, admits multi-users of equal information.
OSD - OnScreenDisplay – Dual On-Touch
OSD (On-Screen-Display) -technology opens new world for the HMI-technology. 

It is not necessary use O/S for all Touch-Functions, they are available ”Direct-on-Sofkey”. It is not necessary have hard-buttons in panels, OSD is the solution. 

The OSD with Touch opens new possibilities for Client- applications outside traditionally O/S technology. 

Local-Area Communications and Controls, like CAN-NET and Sensor-Interfaces, are available by Soft keys.
FMS-Gateway – Edge to Vehicle Economy
FMS-gateway is standard on trucks and buses for Vehicle-economy to back-office and driver. 
FMS serves momentary core-information and is Open for deployments.
It is confirmed that using the FMS for deployments like Co-driver and Fleet-Analyzer, the Vehicle-Economy and Environmental impact will significantly improve. 
Service-intervals and fuel consumptions are decreased. 
Shortly said, Vehicle Economy and Vehicle performance improves total economy of Logistics and Supply-chain, not only for goods, but as well for Public transports and Authorities. 
Sunit Computers Offers the FMS-Protocol data to User-applications as Open Architecture Computing since 2005.
FOG-Computing - Edge on IoT
FOG-Computing (Powerful CPU collecting Core-data on instant surrounding, explores, makes decisions and quickly performs determined function) is fundamental condition for competent IoT-environment. 
Fog-Computing insists efficient mathematical decision-making and reliable Computing-Technology. 
Since back-to 1990’s our experience of Fog-computing is the base of computer technology. Forest harvesting with PC tutored us the answer to fog-computing. 
For qualified applying it is essential that the Computer is synchronized with surrounding CAN & Sensors. 
The Response-times for Sensors & CAN is measured in milliseconds, the timings to FOG-server in Seconds and to Cloud in Minutes. In addition, Application of Client-entrepreneur shall have his place for Supply-Chain. Fog-Computing with Open Architecture Computer (OAC) - technology is basis for modern IoT-industry.
Sunit Computers offers unique technology to reach the core-data’s as CAN, Digital and Analog Sensors. 

Sunit-TLINK Application serves in F-Serial Computers the Core-data’s from CAN-Net’s and Sensors to Client-applications as Shared files thru API.
The Information’s are Ease-to-Reach for Client Applications & Cloud Computing’s. 
Sunit-TLINK Application serves as Transceiver and is used by Client Application as a “mail-man” for purposed deployments. 
Sunit-TLINK makes the Application development rapid and it ensures always 100% connections. 
Sunit-TLINK – Part of IoT-World hence it creates Ease-deployments and Efficient Application-Maintenances.
Accurate Positioning 
Terminal-Logistics, Forest-Harvesting, Waste-Transports. 
Some of Entrepreneurs where the Positioning claims ”rather a meter than two”. 

When we talk about the accuracy of the GPS-positioning there is some facts to be understand, especially when the Duty is rolling on poor Satellite-signals.
Distractions like Narrow streets, High-houses, Tunnels causes poor GPS-signals and does not reach all-time or it is highly disordered due to mirror-signals. 
For metering the distance under all conditions with accurate positioning requires that a meter is always a meter. The accuracy of metering claims 3D-positioning and ADR. 
What is different - Calculated and Real Distance?
Calculated distance base on Time and Position. You receive by time interval several 3-dimensionel signals and calculate theoretically the distance. When driving, the distance is calculated by Straight-line distance between 2 positions. By using Time-parameter the Average-speed between 2 positions is calculated. 
Real Distance base on core from Wheels having interval of max. 10cm. When Wheel is still, the positioning is absolute silent. The Wheel-pulses give exact Instantaneous distance. 
What is ADR (Automotive Dead Reckoning) technology? 
As a Back-up for Distractions, the positioning shall have Dead-reckoning included. It means that the Computer itself shall be able to “play” as a Satellite when GPS-signal aborted. Dead-reckoning means that the computer hardware technology supports the Client-application with GPS-data likewise it is connected to satellites. 
But, Dead-reckoning is not all. For warranted accuracy in long-time Distractions, Automotive Dead-reckoning (ADR) ensures exact Positioning. 

Keep-on-Tracking – Where-ever it takes!
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