Computers and Solutions for Demanding Duties.

In-Vehicle tailored computing solutions since 1996. Sunit adapts to the customer's industry and find the solutions to ease the work, workloads, fleet management and to increase the profit through efficiency.

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High efficiency for extremely high demands.
Core-focus on Demanding Duties, understanding of challenges in Tough-environments have brought us skills of prime expertness in Design and Supply Trusted ICT-Technologies.
Feel free to download White papers About us, Product Catalog and Our QA/QC/GMP.
Open Architecture Computing
OAC is a part of Efficiency through Cost. Sunit Application Programming Interfaces (API’s) for Customer applications can have valuable difference combined with open Operating System.
Edge of tech

SUNIT TARGET INDUSTRIES. By applying Fundamental Industrial electronics standards, we aim to develop safe products and meet the lifespan requirements of industrial equipment.

Focus on Client Entrepreneur
We maintain a deep knowledge of Client entrepreneurship and strive to pursue a long-term technology with retained value.
Certified Products
In 30 years, we have a proven track record for In-Field and Industry serving in extreme environments, where Hot and Cold, Dust and Moisture, Impacts and Vibrations has become a normal conditions.
Designed for Toughest Duties
Sunit Computer Technology is from Top-of-the-World, Finland. Our products are well known to be reliable in the toughest working environments.
Environment; Be Aware with Long Service-life.
The environment is significant aspect on Industry world and calls for contributes toward better environment by value added technologies.The Electronic industry itself impacts Environment severely and Sunit realize that best contribute is to supply products for extremely long In-service time.

Sunit Accessories 
Wide range Accessories and Side-components. For Industry & Fleets.

All Accessories and Side-parts are compliant with UNECE R10 regulation and designed due to Industry Electronic standard ISO-16750.
All SUNIT Products are RoHS-Compliant, CE-Marked and UNECE-R10 Certified.
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