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1981 two Engineers, brothers Eero and Harri Suutari started “Kajaani Automatiikka” focusing on Electronics for harsh environments. It was started by meter-robotics for welding units and control system for Road-painting tractors for Finnish roads. ”On that time closest to Tough-electronics was TV on the living room and Radio on exclusive cars.”

Industry-Automation for Field-Environments was created.

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”Innovation builds the future. For us it have always been along Hard-working Clients.”
Sunit Computer Technologies is designed 100% by Sunit in Finland. Electronics that claims for long In-Field Lifetime in harsh-workings, requires that it is designed by working conditions in edge. 
The Environmental conditions in Finland is excellent base to evaluate and test products. Sometimes we have minus 45 Celsius, sometime heat up-to plus 35. 
Our customers are in absolute front of efficient-thinking and are not afraid to call us for participate on their working environments. Excellent base for QA/QC.
Sunit Computer Technologies is designed 100% by Sunit in Finland. 
Our values are deeply respecting the Environment and our strategy base on Long-Life Electronics. 
It have been our core-value since 1983 – Breath Fresh-Air. 
Each of us has the Obligation and Responsibility of our Environment. 
The Electronic industry is one of most Environment-impacting industry. We ask; “What-if”. What if we all within Electronic business help environment by designing products to last double up today? 
Our mission is frankly Environment friendly products without reservations. (On Photo; Heath (Calluna vulgaris) – Flower of Kainuu – our homeland)
The Complete Environmental Laboratory located next to us, is frequently exploited by us. It consists of all provement-units which are appropriated for the ISO, IEC, UNECE, GENELEC and other Vehicle, Machinery, and other Industry standards. 
In addition we continually run all Client-required Special Standards. 
This service gives us rapid reaction-capability for any kind of Requirements and Tailoring reviews. 
Sunit In-Vehicle Computers are classified as Fixed-Mount device. Therefore Products shall be certified due to thereof valid Global Regulations.
The Qualification tests for Certifications are applied by internationally vehicle approval certified laboratories. Products have Certification due to E10 Regulation.
A Precise and Strict Process is the precondition for Good Manufacturing Practise. 
During the process each part and product are prior assembly covered by at least 4 times of Quality controls. 
The Assembly process—which functions as a Can-Ban, have 100% inspections on each assembly station. 
Finally, the products are stressed by Burn-In process with Full loaded Processor capacity. 
During Burn-In the Check application monitors the product and reports each possible interrupt or failure. 
The process contains application for all kind of Client applications, like Video, Communication, I/O-traffic etc. Our Warranty Field-failure rate is currently <0,1%.
We aim always that our Clients are successful in Entrepreneur and call for high standards for daily service. 
We work hard to deliver products for tough- duties. 
We aim to be proud for Clients prosperity, it brings us well-being. 
Our History – A Life-long Learning
1984 they evaluated first measurement concept to cut-to-length harvesters on Finnish forests. 
1988 the cut-to-length concept had such high quality in measurements that it was accepted for commercial purpose in forest industry, First in the world. 
1991 Kajaani Automatiikka is first in the world installing a PC-platform for cut-to-length harvesting. 
1993 First in the world to use the PC-platform for Fleet-management in heavy transports. 
1995 Kajaani Automatiikka becomes part of Forest-machine manufacturer Ponsse Corporation. 
1996 SUNIT Ltd was founded for Design, Manufacture and Marketing In-Vehicle computers. 
1997 Launch First SUNIT-Computer “Sunit-Pro”. Major customers Heavy-duties in Forest & Fuel. 
1999 Gen-II computers “Road-Runner”, “Artet” and “Nero” was launched 
1999 first Mission Critical installations in The Netherland and Norway 
2000 CANJ1939-Standard 
2001 Award of “Best European small Enterprise Initiative” by The European Awards for the Spirit of Enterprise. 
2002 Launch 1-DIN Sized Computer “Sunit-D”. Becomes OEM-supplied to Heavy-Vehicle & Off-Road Industry. 
2002 Process-controlled Conformal-Coating of all Electronics. 
2003 10.000th Computer was supplied 
2008 Launch of 1-DIN Sized Gen-2 Computer “F-Serial” (FLEX). 
2009 Award of “The Internationalisation Award of the President of the Republic” 
2012 Launch of 1-DIN Sized Gen-3 Computer “F2-Serial”. 
2013 SUNIT-Entrepreneur will extend to Design of Side-parts & Accessories like USB-Hubs, HMI-Devices, Communication-gears, etc. 
2014 Launch of “Police Patrol Assist” concept including “ANPR” and “Traffic Video-Surveillance”. 
2016 Launch of IoT-Server “SUNIT-iVia” and All-in-One platforms “SUNIT-I” “Sunit-T” 
2017 Launch of 1-DIN Sized Gen-4 Computer “FQ-Serial”. 
2017 First SUNIT-FQ serial computer connected to Car-OEM Screen for Author vehicle duty
Our People
Head office
Jukka Suutari
+358 (0)40 584 1710
Sami Suutari
Sales & Support Engineer
+358 (0)40 767 8235
E-Mail Sales
Heikki Suutari
Head of Sales and Marketing
+358 (0)40 823 3118
Erkki Nykänen
Head of Sales Finland
+358 (0)40 723 6523
Board of Directors
Velimatti Nopanen
Chairman of the Board 
Advion Group Ltd.
Chamber of Commerce Oulu 
Oulu Area, Finland
Eero Suutari
Shareholder: Founder of Sunit Oy
Member of Finnish Parlament
National Coalition Party
Tommi Väänänen
Director, supply chain 
Shareholding in Ponsse Plc
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